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DHSS is a State program designed to provide assistance to families in need temporary relief during tough times.  DHSS offers subsidy programs to provide TANF, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, Chidcare and many other programs to supplement your family until things start to get better in your life. Please click the link below to apply, re-authorize, or add a new benefit program. Apex only offers the link however, you will be directed straight to DHSS website and portals in which all of your information will be safeguarded and protected. Please never share your log-in and passoword information with anyone!

Medicaid Benefits

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Apply online for Food Stamps, Medicaid, TANF, or Child Care, PeachCare for Kids®, and Parent Services (CAPS).



Check the status of your application that you submitted online. Application status check is available between the hours of 7AM and 7PM.


View info about your benefits, renew your benefits, or to report a change to your local agency.

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Healthcare Market Place                Affordable Healthcare Act

Finally, those of us who have been un-insured or under-insured now have an array of affordable healthcare plans to compare and select from to ensure we are getting the best bang for our bucks.  Thanks to the Market Place and Affordable Healthcare Act, we are on our journey to have heathcare coverage which offer plans that include vision, dental and comprehensive healthcare plans.  Please click the links below to check out healthcare plan eligibility and see your options.

Eligiblity Check for Healthcare Market Place

Apply for  Healthcare Market Place