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Welcome to APEX Kids Corner!  Let's Have Some Fun!  Get out your favorite pencil and lets keep track of the different videos, games and activities that are played on this website and let's write down what we learned, how many questions we got right and continue to set daily and weekly goals to learn more and do more while having fun!

Let's Dance & Get Fit!!!              

Elementary Students around the Globe are joining the Dance Krave turning the Whip / Nae Nae dance groove into the hottest P.E. Exercise at school.  We dare you get your friends and family members to dance with you and get fit to!

Let's Learn N' Play with PBS KIDS!!!!

PBS games and videos will only show on mobile devices which have the ability to view html sites.  If the link to see the video does not appear, please log back on to web page from a different device such as a tablet, i-phone or a desk top computer.  

KIDS ARE GOING TO THE TOP.... with APEX that is!  Parents pull out the incentives as your children learn to master skills in math, spelling and vocabulary with comprehensive lessons (Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Level).   Unlimite practice games and activities are provided which all provide immediate feedback.   No Stress No Worries, practice can continue as long as desired in a non-threatening format which encourages your child to score better higher with each new game.  This alone significantly increases and  build self-esteem and confidence in learning.  Click the Link Below, Choose Your Grade Level, Choose Your Subject, Review the Lesson a the top, if needed, and then put your skills to test in a game of your choice.