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APEX FAMILY HEALTHCARE SERVICES currently offers Individual and Family Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Play Therapy, Substance Abuse/Addiction Therapy, Grief Counseling, Mens Counseling, Yoga & Mindfullness and many More.  CORE MEDICIAD Clients Must Include Some Community Based Services.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

 Our Psychiatry team service delivery model is alligned with the deliverables outlined in CARF.  Our Psychiatry department utilizes electronic prescriptions, request labs as needed, provide on-site intravenous injections and collaborates with patients PCP's or Specialist to ensure that best treatement regimen is provided the first time.  


Our Psychiatric Team is very skilled with the treatment of complex diagnosis for adults, adolescents and children within the in-patient setting, partial hospitalization setting as well as out patient setting.   Click Here To Learn More.


Apex Family Healthcare Services Psychologist are Licensed Psy.D and provide Brief, Comprehensive, Trauma, Psycho-sexual and Court Order Evaluations for Henry, Clayton, Fayette, Dekalb, Fulton and many more counties.  All services are provided on site at Apex Family Healthcare Services.  We accept most insurances and offer self-pay rates. Click to Learn More Now about our Evaluations.