What To Expect At Apex Family Healthcare Services

It's As Simple As 1, 2, 3


Intake & Assessment-Complete Legal Packet & Consents either on-line or in-office. Meet  Assessor to complete your Bio-psychosocial,  Treatment Plan & Safety Plan.  Assessor will recommend and schedule all initial and immediate follow- up appointments based on the assessment-Psychiatric Eval,

Medication Mgmt, Therapy, Psychological Testing or Subtance Abuse  Treatment Services.   Any combination of these treatments may be recommended and scheduled at time of service. Members of Same Family may schedule concurrent appointments with different therapist within the same hour block to encurage and expedite family therapy services 


Began Treatment- Meet Your Team

Follow-up with your scheduled appointments to meet your Therapist, Psychiatrist/Physician Assistant/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Psychologist.  Began taking steps towards a healthier new you by reviewing and working your Treatment Plan.

Fees- $35.00 Therapy No Show/Same Day Cancellation Fee

 $65.00 Psychiatry No Show/Same Day Cancellation Fee.

$75.00 Psychological No Show /Same Day Cancellation

50% Prepayment Required After 1st Psychiatry and Psychological Testing No Show/ Same Day Cancellation and Discharge After 2nd.

50% Prepayment on all Self Pay Appointments at time of schedule


Follow All recommendations and continue treatment as recommended. Ensure all needed follow-up appointments are schedule at the check out window immediately following each visit. Don’t want to stand in line to check-out, reserve your weekly therapy appointment standing time by placing a credit card on file.  Same Day Cancellations and No Shows will be charged to card.

**Psychological Reports takes 6-8 weeks.   **Medical Records request takes up to 14 days **