Apex Family Healthcare Services values transparency when it comes to service delivery therefore, we encourage every patient the right to document their experience with our agency on google, yelp, yellow pages, square, through surveys and on our website directly.  The issue with reviews it that it not only shows the positive things about your orgainization, but it also reveals the mistakes, mishaps and sometimes internal problems within the orgainization.  For some reason, most of our patients utilize Google, so we have made this simple by directing you to an external link directly to Google to take a look at our current reviews for both locations.  These reviews are authentic by real patients, parents, family members, partners and contractors.  Please also be so kind as to pay attention to any responses to address real patient concerns within the orgainization.  We are strong, secure, growing and believe in providing you with an agency that learns from both positive and negative feeback.  We care how you feel and what you think.  It is because of you that we exist and are allowed to service this community.


After you click on the link, please scroll down to find the Apex Family Healthcare Services LLC Facility Reviews.